Arturo E. Hernandez, PhD

Director of the Laboratory of the Neural Bases of Bilingualism

Dr. Hernandez is a Professor in the Department of Psychology. His major research interest is in the neural underpinnings of bilingual language processing and second language acquisition. He uses both behavioral and neuroimaging methods to investigate these issues.

Tres Bodet, MA

PhD Candidate, DCBN Program

As a developing French speaker, Tres is most interested in how the control that bilinguals have over their languages may fail. He believes that knowing our weaknesses may guide us toward better teaching practices, as well as shed light on the ways we control one of our most valuable skills: speaking!

My Nguyen, MA

PhD Candidate, DCBN Program

My /mee/ is interested in the link between cognitive abilities and bilingualism from a developmental neuroscience perspective. In addition, she wants to explore emotion processing in bilinguals in relation to cognition while taking into account neurological changes over time in children and adults.

Yinan Xu

PhD Student, DCBN Program

Yinan is interested in the neural underpinnings of the cognitive abilities of the bilingual brain. Specifically, she wants to explore cognitive and neural controls in language switching and competition management using neuro-imaging techniques and behavioral studies. She believes that a better understanding of cognitive control in language competition may shed light on efficiency in language learning and use.

Evelyn Rodarte

PhD Student, DCBN Program

Evelyn is interested in bilingual language cognitive development. She hopes to explore and expand her knowledge of the cognitive abilities of the bilingual brain.


Kelly Vaughn, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Dr. Vaughn is a former lab member of LNBB. During her graduate training, her research focused on how the brain supports language and cognition in adult bilinguals and monolinguals. She then received postdoctoral training in pediatric neuroimaging under the mentorship of Dr. Dana DeMaster.

Dr. Vaughn’s research is broadly focused on supporting the development of bilingual children. She is interested in the neural underpinnings of typical and atypical language development and the relationship between language development and cognitive development for bilingual children.

LNBB Alumni

Juliana Ronderos, PhD (2022) – Postdoctoral Fellow, Communication and Neurodevelopment Lab, Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, Boston University

Hannah Claussenius-Kalman, PhD (2021) – Human Factors and User Experience Researcher at Human Interfaces, Inc

Brandin Munson, PhD (2018) – Human Factors Engineer at Apple

Pilar Archila, PhD (2012; postdoc 2014-2016) – cognitive psychology, human development, and neuroscience; Leader of the ISS Research Results Management team at NASA

Madeleine (Warner) Gorges, PhD (2016) – L2 acquisition and bilinguals’ thought processes; language and implicit forms of thoughts (i.e. artistic creativity, athletic movements, and other non-verbal processes)

Victoria Wagner, PhD (2015) – speech production acquisition, brain plasticity associated with speech training

Aurora Ramos-Nuñez, PhD (2015) – cognitive processes related to languages such as speech perception, production, bilingualism, and cognitive control; TMS

Maya Greene, PhD (2015) – Research Manager at Facebook (current); Human Factors Design Engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center (2016-2018)

Eric Waldron, PhD, LP, ABPP-CN (year) – Clinical Psychologist / Clinical Neuropsychologist; Neuropsychological Sequelae of Neurologic Insult, Language, Functional Brain Imaging

Kailyn Bradley, PhD (2014) – cognitive neuroscience researcher, college instructor, and freelance data scientist

Noemí Aznar-Besé, MA (year) – contextual constraint modulates neural responses during sentence reading; neural correlates of word reading in Spanish-English bilingual children

Peter Molfese, PhD (2009) – neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG, MEG); specialized brain circuitry for human cognition;

Poorna Kushalnagar, PhD (2007) – director of the Center for Deaf Health Equity at Gallaudet University; Patient reported outcomes research and population health with deaf/hh population; Health information seeking behaviors among deaf people

Tao Sha, PhD (visiting scholar, 2005-2006) – bilingual language learning in Chinese-English speaking children, cognitive abilities in L2 acquisition and the relationships between L1 and L2 proficiency

Gayane Meschyan, PhD (postdoc fellow – 2004-2005) – Research Analyst

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